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Recipes Using Nut Butters

Get inspired to whip up something tasty and flavorful in the kitchen with nut butters as your key secret ingredient! Whether you are craving a decadent brownie or a creamy, nutty curry, we’ve got a bunch of recipes using nut butters for you to explore. We have something for everyone, including vegan, organic, and keto-friendly recipes!

No matter your nut butter preference, Artisana nut butter spreads offer bountiful versatility, rich nutrition, and creamy textures that go well in just about everything. In our selection of recipes, you can learn about creative cashew butter uses and figure out how to blend, mix, and cook our various nut butters. With our nut butters, you can get creative in the kitchen in many ways. Slip on your apron, get your favorite spreads on hand, and try some of our delicious recipes using nut butters!