Unroasted Walnut Butter with Cashews

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN

In this blend, we pair California walnuts with naturally sweet cashews to create a delightful nut butter with true-to-nature flavors.

You'll love the smooth taste of the walnut orchard right here in this jar. No added sugars, no added oils, and no added salt. Dip it with fruits and veggies or spread it on toast, you can’t go wrong!

Made on machinery that processes a variety of tree nuts and seeds, but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

Ingredients: Unroasted Walnuts, Unroasted Cashews

Made in California.

Nutrition Summary
Serving Size 2 tbsp. (32g)

190 0mg 1g 2g 5g
Calories Sodium Sugar Dietary Fiber Protein

Customer Reviews

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Rose M
Unroasted Walnut Butter w/Cashews

I really like the unroasted walnut butter w/cashews. It's way better than the name brand store bought ones. All of Artisan Nut Butters are awesome.

Thanks Rose for loving our walnut butter. It's definately a unique experice to have unroasted and natural! It's the best!

Stephen Wharton
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Tami Holmes

This is my FAVORITE Artisana nut butter! Try it- it's delicious, and healthy, too

Hey Tami, Thanks for making Artisana Walnut Butter with cashews a new favorite! This product works great in recipes also: Cinnamon rolls filled with walnut yes please, Enjoy Tami!

My new by-the-spoonful snack

This was my first time trying walnut butter, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The taste is exactly that of snacking on walnuts but in a spreadable form that tastes great on apples, toast, or just by the spoonful! The texture is granular while still very easy to spread and with no oil separation. With just two ingredients - walnuts and cashews - you get a mellow yet flavorful spread of nutty nutrients!

Hey Lauren,
Thank you for getting in touch with us and leaving a review. Beautifully said and exactly what we like to hear! The taste you experienced is what we strive for - as close to nature as we can get. Minimal processing leaving just the flavors and textures to delight the taste buds! Thank you

Not by favorite

The walnut butter has an unpleasant aftertaste and it doesn’t have a smooth consistency. This may be a characteristic of walnut butters.

Hello Cindy,
Thank you for your honesty in your feed back. Artisana Naturals Walnut Butter is made with walnuts that still have their skins off. This can cause a bitter overtone that is balanced a bit when we add the cashew butter. As far as the texture goes, it is not smooth and not chunky really. There are small pieces of walnut in the product and generally we do not use smooth or chunky in the description unless it is obviously different such as the smooth almond butter. If we decide to produce a smoother textured walnut butter I will reach out to you so we can get your opinion on the change if we decide to process to a different consistency or texture. Thank you