Raw Organic Pecan Butter with Cashews

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN
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From sun to plant to body™

We blend organic unroasted pecans with our raw cashews to make a spreadable, sweet, chunky nut butter blend that captures the flavor of the Georgia pecan orchards.

This product is R.A.W. with Clean Food Certification to make sure you get a minimally-processed product that retains a valuable amount of micronutrients.

We blend our pecans with cashews to create a smoother, more spreadable treat. Only two ingredients, all organic! No added sugar, no palm oil, and no added salt.

Made on machinery that processes a variety of tree nuts and seeds, but does not process peanuts, gluten, dairy or soy.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Pecans, Raw Organic Cashews.

Nutrition Summary
Serving Size 2 tbsp. (32g)

200 0mg 2g 2g 4g
Calories Sodium Sugar Dietary Fiber Protein

Customer Reviews

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Raw pecan butter

Delicious & fresh. I do wish there were an option for 100% pecan nutbutter as well as this cashew blend, which in itself is lovely.
Thank you.

Bonnie Williams
What a treat!

I have a very limited diet & this pecan butter is one of the highlights in my day.

Best Pecan Butter Ever!

Due to many allergies and food intolerances, I am limited on what I can eat. This pecan butter is something I always look forward to having. Not only is it organic and healthy, it is delicious and a real treat on rice cakes with a bit of jam. Love this as my go to snack!

Hi Marhta,
We are so pleased to see that your sensitive allegies are not effected with our products! How amazing! I love our pecan butter- the packets are the perfect snack on the trail!


Loved it

Nicole Martin

Raw Organic Pecan Butter with Cashews