Cashew Butter Snack Packs

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN

Take our Cashew butter anywhere in these on-the-go pouches! Try squeezing it onto your favorite fruit for a protein boost, or just eat it straight from the pack for an easy power up.

Our ultra creamy Cashew butter is certified R.A.W. with Clean Food Certified to make sure you get a minimally-processed product that retains a valuable amount of micronutrients.

You'll love the true taste of raw Cashews in this pouch - no other ingredients! Palm oil free! Just organic Cashews in super spreadable, snackable form.

Ingredient: Raw Organic Cashews.

Nutrition Summary
Serving Size 1 Packet

169 0mg 2g 1g 6g
Calories Sodium Sugar Dietary Fiber Protein

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dee K

I love individual packets. Not only are they yummy but they are perfect for traveling and even more important for me is they are perfect for portion control.

Linda Gerardi
Cashew Butter Snack Packs

I love Artisan’s cashew butter and to have the snack pack convenience is the frosting on the cake! I travel a lot and these packs are so convenient.

David M

Great Tasting

Miriam Kurman

best cashew butter, excellent customer service

Adam Strom
The poster child for over-packaging

The cashew butter packets are fine. The packaging was excessive. I’m used to ordering from Amazon, which goes in the other direction. The box of cashew packets usually arrives smooshed. And I don’t like giving Amazon the money so I thought I’d order straight from the seller this time but the packaging was over the top. I think I’m going back to Amazon next time.

Hi Adam,
We are so sorry you think we overpack our items. If somoene orders more than 3 pouches we automatically box them to protect them rather than putting them in an envelope- especially if it's a box. The box would then get smooshed. All of our packaging is eco-friendly and we strive to use companies that offer environmentally safe options. The peanuts are compostible, the other packaging is also eco friendly too. In gerneal, we make sure to pack our glass jars really well to avoid being broken in transit, and so we do steer with caution with how jars are packed. We would rather be safe with using eco friendly packaging than on the thin side and have jars break. Thank you for letting us know, we appreciate the feedback.