Subscription FAQ

How do subscription boxes work?

When building a subscription box, select a minimum of 2 products, choose how often to receive them, and then checkout.

By subscribing to our products we offer you an additional savings of 10% off every order! Hurray! Your discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Our subscriptions are Pay As You Go, meaning you will be automatically billed at whatever delivery frequency you selected. For example, if you selected a delivery of every two weeks, you will be billed automatically every two weeks. 

Please Note: Subscriptions require a 3 order minimum regardless of the frequency you choose. After you’ve received at least three orders you can skip an order, pause your subscription, or swap out items in your subscription! How cool is that?

Where do I go to manage my subscription?

As soon as you purchase a subscription you will receive a welcome email with a link to manage your subscription. If you don’t see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you need us to re send you your link, please contact our customer service at

After you have reached your 3 order minimum you can skip an order, pause your subscription, cancel, or swap out your items. If you need assistance managing your subscription you can email customer support at info@artisanamarket.comCan I use a coupon code when I sign up for a subscription?

Usually, no. It’s possible you may be able to apply some lower value coupons to your subscription, but this will only apply to your first order and not the recurring subscription orders.