Why Hazelnut Spread Is Better Than Nutella

Why Hazelnut Spread Is Better Than Nutella

If you’re a fan of delicious nut butter spreads, you’ve likely encountered both Nutella and hazelnut spread. While Nutella has its devoted followers, there’s a growing movement of health-conscious foodies and culinary adventurers who are discovering the superior qualities of simple hazelnut spread. Uncover why hazelnut spread is better than Nutella and enrich your meals with its many benefits and deliciousness.

Healthier Ingredient List

Many people categorize Nutella as a hazelnut spread. However, it’s actually a hazelnut-flavored spread. There are noteworthy differences to consider when it comes to nut butter and flavored spreads.

Nut butter, like hazelnut spread, is primarily made from ground roasted or raw nuts. These butters typically boast a straightforward ingredient list, often including just nuts and maybe a pinch of salt or a hint of oil to improve texture. As a result, nut butters retain the natural flavors and nutritional benefits of the nuts, offering a good amount of protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

On the flip side, flavored butters, such as Nutella, include a variety of additional ingredients to enhance the taste. These can include sugars, oils, milk products, and artificial flavors designed to create a rich, sweet profile that appeals to a broader audience. While delicious, the added sugars and fats can outweigh the health benefits of the nuts.

At Artisan Market, our cacao hazelnut spread is an all-natural alternative to Nutella. Instead of having an ingredient list rich with additives, palm oil, and sugar, our hazelnut spreads include simpler, natural, and more sustainable ingredients. They feature organic hazelnuts, coconut sugar, oil and vanilla, and organic cacao powder.

You can enjoy your favorite spread without worrying about unnecessary chemicals or excessive sugar intake.

Why Hazelnut Spread Is Better Than Nutella

Better Nutritional Profile

A typical serving of Nutella is high in added sugars and palm oil, which adds unnecessary calories with few nutritional benefits. In contrast, hazelnut spread shines with a more robust nutritional profile. The simplicity of its ingredients means you’re getting more of the natural benefits of hazelnuts.

These fruity “true nuts” contain healthy monounsaturated fats that are good for your heart, fiber that aids digestion, and protein that supports muscle growth and repair.

Additionally, hazelnut spreads often contain healthier oils, such as coconut oil, and lower levels of sugar. Reducing sugar intake can help prevent spikes in blood sugar levels, which lowers the risk of developing chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, low sugar consumption supports better weight management and reduces the likelihood of experiencing energy crashes throughout the day.

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are easier for the body to convert into energy and less likely to be stored as fat. This type of fat also supports weight management, boosts metabolism, and provides a quick source of energy for both the brain and the body.

The combination of natural hazelnut, low sugar, and coconut oil not only makes hazelnut spreads a tasty choice but also a practical one for those seeking a healthy nutritional profile.

Pure Hazelnut Flavor

When it comes to flavor, hazelnut spread truly shines. It offers an authentic hazelnut taste that is both rich and satisfying. Unlike Nutella, which can be overly sweet and mask the natural taste of hazelnuts, hazelnut spread allows you to enjoy the pure, nutty flavor. This quality makes it a favorite among those who appreciate the true essence of hazelnuts.

The simplistic and pure flavor of hazelnut spread also makes it incredibly versatile in the culinary world. Unlike the overpowering sweetness of Nutella, the balanced, natural taste of hazelnut spread can complement a variety of dishes. Whether you’re spreading it on toast, incorporating it into smoothies, or using it in a sauce, the understated yet rich nutty flavor enhances rather than overwhelms other ingredients.

Hazelnut spread’s adaptability allows for endless culinary creativity. From adding a sophisticated touch to gourmet desserts to providing a nutritious boost in breakfast bowls, the versatility of hazelnut spread solidifies it as a staple in any kitchen.

Why Hazelnut Spread Is Better Than Nutella

No Palm Oil

Many hazelnut spreads avoid using palm oil, an ingredient often found in Nutella. Palm oil has become a controversial ingredient over the years, and many health-conscious individuals choose to avoid it for many ethical reasons.

Environmental Concerns

Palm oil production is a leading cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss, as palm oil companies clear vast tracts of tropical rainforests to make way for palm plantations. This process not only eliminates rich and diverse ecosystems but also fails to provide suitable replacement habitats for many of the species that once thrived there. Unlike the complex structure of natural forests, palm oil plantations offer a monotonous and less hospitable environment that supports far fewer species.

One poignant example is the plight of orangutans, which are critically endangered primarily due to habitat destruction by palm oil cultivation. These intelligent and sensitive primates rely on the dense, varied canopy of rainforests for food and shelter. When palm oil monocultures replace rainforests, orangutans lose their homes and food sources, leading to a steep decline in their population.

Health Concerns

Health-wise, some consumers avoid palm oil due to its nutritional profile. A common ingredient in many processed foods, it is high in saturated fats, which can contribute to heart disease when consumed in excess. Although not all saturated fats are bad, many people prefer to be cautious due to the mixed health messages around saturated fat consumption.


Hazelnut spreads have a limited ingredient list that often make them more allergen-friendly than Nutella, which typically contains common allergens, such as soy and dairy. By focusing on pure, minimalistic ingredients, these natural spreads reduce the risk of allergic reactions and make it easier for individuals with food sensitivities to enjoy a delicious treat without concern.

Hazelnut spread is better than Nutella in many ways, offering an alternative that many, from environmental enthusiasts to dairy-free consumers, can enjoy. Whether you’re looking to improve your nutritional intake or enjoy a more authentic hazelnut experience, hazelnut spread is the way to go. Try it today with our Artisana cacao hazelnut spread and experience the difference for yourself!