Make Your Own Chocolate Cashini Cups

Make Your Own Chocolate Cashini Cups

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Did you know that tahini is a paste made from sesame seeds? It’s sort of a mild savory flavor and can be used in many different ways and recipes. From tahini brownies to salad dressings it’s pretty versatile. Cashini contains Raw Organic Cashews, Organic Sesame Seeds and Sea Salt - that’s it! It’s creamy, sweet and savory and really delicious. It might be tied for my favorite of all the incredible products from Artisana Organics.

Chocolate and Cashini really are the perfect pair! The flaky salt brings out the flavor combination perfectly which is why I had to share this delicious and very easy recipe with you. I’m obsessed with all things Artisana Organics … especially this new Cashini. I love that the ingredients are organic, simple and clean. It’s so creamy and dreamy! My favorite way to eat Cashini is simply on a spoon. Next might be on toast either with sea salt, chia seed jam or with a drizzle of date syrup.

This recipe doesn’t have exact measurements because it will depend on how many cups you want to make and how big or small your silicone mold is. Make as many as you like or maybe just a few for dessert tonight.


  • Melted Chocolate
  • Cashini
  • Flaky salt

Melt your most favorite chocolate and pour into a silicone mold. Make sure to cover all sides. Pop it in the fridge or freezer to harden. Remove and add a spoonful of Cashini and then top with more melted chocolate. Sprinkle with flaky salt. Pop in fridge or freezer to harden. Remove and enjoy. Consider adding a thin slice of banana or strawberry to the center, too. If using fruit, eat it that day.