Mantequilla cremosa de almendras sin tostar

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN

¿Quieres una mantequilla de almendras que realmente sepa a almendras y tenga una textura súper suave? ¡Eso es todo! Usamos almendras de California sin tostar para hacer nuestra mantequilla y nunca agregamos aceite de palma para crear un sabor excepcional y fiel a la naturaleza.

¡Sin azúcares añadidos, sin aceites añadidos y sin sales añadidas! Son simplemente almendras puras en una forma cremosa y súper untable.

Fabricado en maquinaria que procesa una variedad de frutos secos y semillas, pero no procesa cacahuetes, gluten, productos lácteos ni soja.

Ingrediente: almendras sin tostar

Cultivado y fabricado en California.

Resumen nutricional
Tamaño de la porción 2 cdas. (32g)

190 0 mg 1g 4g 7g
calorías Sodio Azúcar Fibra dietética Proteína

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfectly creamy and rich

After stirring the natural oils back in, I found the consistency of the almond butter to be perfectly thick and creamy; not too soupy and not too chunky like you often get. You can tell by the balanced consistency and the rich flavor just how quality this product is.

Lauren, We appreciate your review! If you use premium nuts and that is the only ingredient it shows in the final product. We are happy to hear what we are doing is working. Thank you

Cindy Rosenbalm

Great flavor and texture. Very smooth.

Good Morning Cindy,

We love that the Artisana Smooth Almond Butter works for you! Same Great taste as the other Almond butters we produce with a smooth silky texture...ENJOY!

So smooth!

One of the creamiest, thickest almond butters out there! I like that it's not overflowing with oil when you open it nor does it dry out. The last bite is just as good as the first bite! You can really taste the quality as well.