Mantequilla de anacardo sin tostar

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN

Te encantará el verdadero sabor de nuestra mantequilla de anacardo natural. ¡Creamos un gran sabor que tiene un gran impacto! ¡Sin azúcares añadidos, sin aceites añadidos y sin sales añadidas! Solo anacardos sin tostar en forma súper untable.

Disfrute de la textura sedosa y el sabor naturalmente dulce de nuestra mantequilla de anacardo. Quizás quieras comerlo directamente del frasco, es así de delicioso. Pero también es fantástico para cocinar: aporta una textura cremosa sin lácteos a batidos, salsas y postres. También es un alimento fundamental para crear deliciosas recetas sin horno.

Fabricado en maquinaria que procesa una variedad de frutos secos y semillas, pero no procesa cacahuetes, gluten, productos lácteos ni soja.

Ingrediente: Anacardos sin tostar

Fabricado en California.

Resumen nutricional
Tamaño de la porción 2 cdas. (32g)

180 0 mg 2g 1g 6g
calorías Sodio Azúcar Fibra dietética Proteína

Customer Reviews

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Cashew butter convert

I decided to give cashew butter another try, as it had been a couple years since I first tried and did not like it. After trying Artisana's, I will not be able to buy another brand. The texture was so smooth and creamy, and it tasted as though I had just popped a handful of cashews in my mouth. With no added sugar, it has the perfect natural sweetness. This jar of cashew butter is now one of my favorite nut butters, and I will be purchasing again.

Lauren! We are so glad you tried again and that we were the first cashew butter you tried! Cashew is one of the sweetest products we create and all of that rich naturally sweet taste, and the creamy texture comes from the nuts themselves. We do not add or remove any of the natural oils and the cashew nut itself is a softer nut which creates that great smooth creaminess. Nothing added to sweeten, cashew is just natures best nut! ENJOY!

Healthy snacking

This Cashew butter is very smooth and creamy with a great taste. This is perfect for healthier snacking for my wife and I. Spread on crackers or bread.

Hello Paul, thank you for reviewing our Artisana Naturals Cashew Butter! This is a fan favorite for just that reason - smooth, creamy and naturally sweet with no added sugars. Enjoy the cashew butter and say hello to your wife from the Artisana team :)


The cashew butter was delicious. Smooth consistency with a wonderful flavor. I would prefer a 8 oz jar vs the 14 oz. I’ve purchased other cashew butters and this product is superior.

Hey Cindy! Thank you for your feed back it is appreciated. We do not yet offer the Artisana Naturals Cashew Butter in the 8oz jar, but we would be happy to reach out to you in the future if we add that size to our products available. Thank you