Untable De Cacao Y Anacardos

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Chocolate mousse cupcakes garnished with strawberries and surrounded by rose petals.

Recipe Inspiration: Chocolate Mousse Cupcakes

¡Imagínese su mantequilla de anacardo favorita del mundo, pero con CACAO! Nuestra crema de cacao y anacardos es divina, con anacardos como primer ingrediente. Luego simplemente mezclamos azúcar de coco, cacao y nada de “cosas” raras. Nuestras mantequillas de nueces NO contienen aceite de palma como muchas otras. Te mereces un frasco (¡o dos!) de esta deliciosa delicia orgánica.

Ingredientes: Anacardos orgánicos, azúcar de coco orgánico, cacao en polvo orgánico, aceite MCT de coco orgánico, vainilla orgánica (sacarosa orgánica, oleorresina de vainilla orgánica).

Resumen nutricional
Tamaño de la porción 2 cdas. (32g)

160 15mg 6g 2g 5g
calorías Sodio Azúcar Fibra dietética Proteína

Customer Reviews

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Meriem Lane
It's ok

It's okay. Flavor not intense. I prefer the hazelnut spread instead.

Creamy spread

The cashew cacao spread was creamy and delicious. But the organic hazelnut and the hazelnut vanilla spreads are still my absolute favorite.

Hi Susan,
Loving the love of both our cacao spreads. The cashew cacao has a delightful taste.

Ann B
Makes a delicious keto loaf

I used the cashew cacao spread in place of cashew butter when I made a loaf of keto "bread" and it was delicious! I will definitely be ordering more.

Tiffany Butler

So delicious! I just eat straight out of the jar.

mina weissmann
Your Cashew Cacao spread is heavenly !

All your products are my absolute favorite . Grateful you exist . i searched for a long time, tried many other product. All your nut butter, including Cashew Cacao butter. are High quality
extremely yummy and worth spending a little more for superb product .

Thank you Mina! We love our products, and the cacao spreads are DIVINE! Have you seen our build a box subscription option? Might be a great choice for you.