Mantequilla De Almendras Orgánica Cruda

Certification logos for: USDA Organic, Whole30 Approved, NON GMO, R.A.W., CLEAN

Del sol a la planta al cuerpo™

¿Quieres mantequilla de almendras que realmente sepa a almendras? ¡Eso es todo! Tomamos almendras de California sin tostar y hacemos una mantequilla excepcional.

Este producto es CRUDO. con Certificación de Alimentos Limpios asegúrese de obtener un producto mínimamente procesado que retenga una cantidad valiosa de micronutrientes.

Te encantará el verdadero sabor de las almendras sin tostar aquí mismo en este frasco. ¡Sin azúcares añadidos, sin aceites añadidos y sin sales añadidas! Son solo almendras orgánicas puras en una forma ligeramente crujiente y súper untable.

Hecho en maquinaria que procesa una variedad de nueces y semillas de árboles, pero no procesa maní, gluten, lácteos o soya.

Ingrediente: Almendras Orgánicas Crudas.

Resumen nutricional
Tamaño de la porción 2 cdas. (32g)

190 0 mg 1g 4g 7g
calorías Sodio Azúcar Fibra dietética Proteína

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews

Delicious! This seems to be looser than previous almond butter I’ve had from Artisana and I like this so much more. Easier to stir, easier to spread.

Healthy concern

I love many things about this product. However, I'm concerned with eating almonds that are unblanched, which removes sone of the phytic acid. Phytic acid can decrease the absorption of some minerals such as calcium. Please comment.

Organic Raw Almond Butter

The best tasting & healthiest almond butter on the market. Second to none!

Vegan Pete
Best Almond Butter There Is

We’ve tried a lot of nut butters over the years and have to say that Artisana’s Organic Almond Butter is the best we’ve every tasted.

Hi Pete,
Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoy the Almond Butter that we have. It is quite tasty and perfect alone or in recipes!

Carol Stewart
Yummy almond butter

We all enjoy eating the almond butter but occasionally there are some shells within the jar

Hi Carol,
We are so happy you enjoy our Almond butter. We do have a disclaimer on our label that there may be pieces of shell from time to time, as we process everything in small batches and sometimes that does happen. Our goal and hope is that it's rare and not very often.