Why Nut Butters Are Considered a High Protein Snack

Why Nut Butters Are Considered a High Protein Snack

Proteins are your body’s building blocks. They enhance muscle and tissue growth and repair, fuel energy, and improve metabolic functionality. Nut butters are renowned protein snacks. You can enjoy nut butters in multiple ways, from smoothies to veggie dips. But why are nut butters considered a high-protein snack? Let’s find out!

Nutty Nutrition

Nuts themselves are little protein powerhouses. Almonds average around 20 grams of protein per 100 grams. Cashews and walnuts average between 16 to 18 grams of protein per 100 grams. Higher-quality nuts provide even greater protein values.

Raw nut butters from producers that don’t roast or heavily process their ingredients and use quality nuts—like the ones we sell at Artisana Market—can maximize nuts’ naturally potent protein content. No matter which flavor you choose or how you use them, nut butters’ nutty composition packs a powerful punch of protein.

Maximized Digestion

Fiber can slow the digestion of food, allowing your body to extract more nutrients—it can also enhance protein absorption. Nuts are naturally rich in fiber content. With the super pair of protein and fiber, nut butters provide you with rich protein content and help you maximize your protein intake.

Minimal Additives

One might assume that more ingredients mean greater protein value. However, not all ingredients are created equal. Many additives and preservatives can counterbalance nutritional benefits, diluting their protein content. Too much sugar can raise blood sugar levels and hinder nutrient absorption, leading to a decrease in protein intake. Every scoop delivers a higher concentration of nut-based proteins when nut butter producers skip preservatives, sugars, and hydrogenated oils.

Nut butters are considered a high protein snack due to their inherent nutty composition, packed with benefits. At Artisana Market, we believe in delivering quality, so our variety of nut butters preserve the powerful protein punch in each scoop. Our nut butters are a remarkable addition to your daily protein needs, whether you enjoy them as a spread, in a smoothie, or as a veggie dip.