Artisana: A No Palm Oil Brand Supporting Indigenous Land Rights & Biodiversity in the Amazon

Amazon Watch


We are honored to be partnering with Amazon Watch, an amazing non-profit helping protect the Amazon rainforest and Indigenous land rights. Artisana stands behind not using palm oil in any of our products to help reduce and protect the biodiversity of the rainforest and the communities who live around them. We ethically source all our ingredients and make sure we are promoting and offering the highest quality ingredients. In April 2024, we will offer back 1% of sales from our newsletter promotion to Amazon Watch and continued support throughout the year. Make sure to get on our Artisana Market newsletter and help protect the heart of the earth- the Amazon rainforest.

Amazon Watch defends the rainforest and our climate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. With nearly three decades of trusted relationships with Amazonian peoples, they carry out strategic campaigns to stop rainforest destruction, advance climate justice, and secure Indigenous land rights, the best way to protect the Amazon rainforest and its deep cultural and biodiversity. Amazon Watch also mobilizes solidarity funds directly to Earth Defenders on the front lines of the rainforest to support their movement-building, security and well-being, Indigenous women's leadership, access to solar energy, response to crises including wildfires and oil spills, and so much more.